1. Reduce your speed

Even though it may seem obvious, make sure to stay below the speed limits. Always consider that the stopping distance is longer on wet and slippery roads. Slowing down and adopting a smooth driving style will give you a greater margin of reaction.

2. Turn on your lights

When it's raining heavily, visibility can be less than 100 meters. Turn on your headlights to be seen by other drivers and to see the road better.

3. Activate your windshield wipers

Turn on your windshield wipers and adjust their speed according to the intensity of the rain. To ensure their effectiveness, remember to anticipate: Check them yourself or have your mechanic check the condition of your windshield wipers to avoid unpleasant surprises. And if it's raining so hard that the wipers can't clear the water from your windshield properly, don't take any risks: stop and wait for the weather to calm down.

4. Increase safety distances

Leave a good distance between you and the car in front.

When the road is wet and slippery, brake earlier and less forcefully if necessary.

Finally, take your time when overtaking. They are particularly dangerous in rainy weather due to reduced visibility and water splashed by other vehicles.

5. Avoid flooded lanes

We advise against driving on a lane that is flooded, even if you think you can pass without any problem. Stagnant water puddles can easily cause your tires to skid, leading to a loss of traction of your vehicle and locking its steering functions.

Don't wait for periods of heavy rain or significant floods to take care of your vehicle.

Have a safe travel!

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