1. Most Common: Reflective Car Aluminum Foil Windscreen Sunshades

Reflective Car Aluminum Foil Windscreen Sunshades emerge as indispensable car accessories. These shields effectively combat the scorching temperatures, keeping your car's interior significantly cooler. By deflecting the sun's rays and preventing them from penetrating the windshield, these sunshades preserve a more bearable temperature inside your vehicle. Their reflective surface acts as a barrier against the intense heat, ensuring that stepping into your car doesn't feel like stepping into an inferno. For Mauritians navigating the relentless summer sun, these sunshades stand out as essential tools for maintaining a comfortably cool car interior.

2. Pump out that hot air

To bring temperatures down before you get in, open a window on one side, then walk around to the other side and open and close a door several times. This will pump some of the hot air out and make life a little more bearable when you jump in.

3. Let your air conditioner do the hard work

Your AC is perfect to finish the cool-down job, but you need to use it properly. Put simply, you want to pump the maximum volume of chilled air into your cabin. To achieve this, press the air conditioning button, select the lowest temp setting, crank up the fan speed to the maximum level and press the recirculation button to stop outside air being drawn in. If you have a climate-control system, just select the lowest temp, press the 'auto' button and it will do the rest.

There are things you can do to help your AC do its job faster. Dropping the windows will help suck more of that trapped hot air out of the cabin. Then raising your windows most of the way while pointing your vents towards the floor will help push the last of it out. When you're comfortable, closing the windows and adjusting the air conditioner and vents as preferred will keep things stable.

Quick Reminder:

If your air conditioner isn't working optimally, it may be time to visit your car dealers or garage, for a check-up when you fill up your tank next time!

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