Packshot of Shell Helix Hybrid 0W 20

On average, hybrid engines have more stops and starts owing to the power shifts between the electrical motor and the combustion engine. They have lower working temperatures owing to shorter periods of engine operation and lower oil temperatures owing to extended periods when the engine is not in use.

These characteristics require a dedicated engine oil that provides good protection to prevent wear during frequent stops–starts excellent low-temperature flowability so it can reach engine parts more quickly, gives better anti-corrosion protection against water condensation at low temperatures, and offers excellent fuel economy.

Shell Helix Hybrid OW-20 is a high-performance engine oil designed to protect hybrid engines:

  • Uses PurePlus Technology: base oil made from natural gas that is 99.5% pure
  • Has excellent antioxidation properties that provide longer protection to the hybrid engine
  • Flows quickly to critical engine parts car even under extremely low temperatures down to –40°C, which helps an engine to start quickly in cold climates
  • Provides better fuel economy5 up to 3% thereby enabling the engine to burn less fuel on long journeys and thus lower emissions
  • Protects hybrid engines from rust and corrosion due to condensed water and acid
  • Exceeds the requirement of API SN PLUS/SN and ILSAC GF-5, which are the major industrial standard requirements for hybrid engines.

Based on ACEA M111 fuel economy results compared with the industry reference oil

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